Currently living in Aiken, SC USA


Kevin Trotman - N5PRE

Kevin Trotman - N5PRE

Callsign History:

Oct. 10, 1989 - KB5KSZ - Novice

July 3, 1990 - N5PRE - Tech Plus

Jan. 10, 2009 - N5PRE - General

March 21, 2009 - N5PRE - Extra

Occasionally works 2m or 440 in the Aiken, South Carolina area. Still active in SWL and listening to commercial stations on Internet.  Just acquired an ICOM IC-7200 and am using a 40 meter monoband antenna in the attic of our antenna restricted home. It's a Transworld TW-4040. So far, it's performing well!

Also into photography and have had a few successful publications in magazines and books with my amateur work.  I have links and samples in galleries here on this site. Contact me if you're interested in buying or licensing any of what you see or want to know more about what I might have to offer.

I'm politically conservative and unafraid to proclaim that I am a Christian.  I do believe we are in the end-times and should prepare for hard times ahead when we will have fewer freedoms.  As Christians we will be persecuted more and more.  I'm also willing to share my faith with anyone interested. Just contact me.