New Ham Radio Information Source

I was listening to the RAIN Report podcast on Friday and heard about an easy to remember site that offers a lot of benefit to amateur radio operators everywhere... including those with smartphones.  The site is simply 

Some of the features for include callsign lookups with the ability to use wildcards. This would allow you to search for all hams with a particular prefix or suffix.  Also you can search by zip code or name as well.

Want to know what repeaters are active in a particular zip code, State or Province in the USA or Canada? That's supported as well. Filtering by band is also supported. 

Future upgrades will include the ability to search for hamfests in your area.  I'm looking forward to this feature.  

The best part about is that there is a matching iPhone and Android app for it, with much the same features, including the ability to determine your search by geo-location of the phone instead of having to input your zip code or State.  Check below for obtaining your copy of the app. (Note, there is a nominal charge for the app)

Direct Link to iPhone App - Click Here 

For Android, scan the QR Code below, or search "QSL" in the Market

Please also note that I have no connection to this new site or app other than to be a happy user of them and wanting to share with my fellow hams.

Visit QSL.FM