Stone Mountain Hamfest and Computer Expo 2011

I went to the Stone Mountain Hamfest today held at the Fairgrounds in Lawrenceville, Georgia and picked up a few small items I've been needing for a mobile mounting solution for my VHF/UHF radio in my car.

While I was there, I saw a few items worthy to photograph and this box is one of them.  I didn't see until I got home what the articles were, but how interesting they were. I should have bought them both.

Compare and contrast... 
73... May 1975... $1 unidentifiable (homebrew?) Handie Talkie... Rolls Royce, Mink Coat, Dated fashion... and on the cover it tells you there's a story on how to write for their competitor!

CQ... January 1975... $1 unidentified ham with equipment still being used to this day at a field day or contest outdoors. This could have been shot yesterday! Interesting that they were talking about no-code licenses back then and it actually came to be, but almost 31 years later!

Seeing these made me smile and remember when I was young and looked up the bound copies of these magazines in the local library because I couldn't afford to subscribe.