Revamp of

I spent a little time researching new templates for this site and decided on this one. I also discovered a way to automatically publish photos I put in specific folders on my Dropbox site to make it very easy to update this site as well. Actually, I still have to log on here and click a publish button, but all the folder structure and contents are set in Dropbox. I like that.

I'll try to pay more attention to this corner of the web and not leave it hanging so long. In the future, I'm hoping to do more with Amateur Radio. I still update the site every week to make it possible to have stitcher play the shows and the podcast to also update. I no longer keep the podcasts here locally... they're at their official site now, but I still get to post them, thanks to Bill Pasternack.  

If you see something that doesn't work or want to know more about something you see here (or if you have suggestions) let me know and I'll see what I can do to update the site to make it better.

73 de N5PRE,