Clues in the death of Kreskin

I remember about 15 years ago, when the internet was young... the mentalist known as Kreskin shared with the world an innovative "contest" of sorts (this was around 1999) on his website.  It had within its pages hidden 13 clues in the death of the performer.  I excitedly hunted and tracked down every clue and saved the results to a floppy drive and to my Palm Pilot.  

I've thought about that list every once in a great while and wished I could have located it.  Well, apparently in the transition from my handheld computer to various others during the years since, I must have kept a copy on a USB thumb drive. I just found it again today!  I'm glad to say, I have the 13 clues again that will occur (according to Kreskin) before he can die.  Considering that these haven't happened yet, I'd venture to say he's safe (if his predictions are true).

I now present to you.... the

13 Clues in the Death of Kreskin

  • 1.Three days before I die there will be a serious financial drop.
  • 2.During the month in which I will die a set of twins will begin to make headlines.
  • 3.During the year in which I will die a silver vase rumored to be on the table at the last supper will receive public attention.
  • 4.During the month in which I will die a highly publicized wedding will end in disaster.
  • 5.During the month in which I will die there will be a devastating fire in a New York nightclub.
  • 6.During the month in which I will die four lines in a diary will reveal an astounding insight into the life of a famous rock musician.
  • 7.During the year in which I will die two chests will be found containing a wealth in gold and jewels.
  • 8.One of the key words surrounding my death will rhyme with the word SKY and the word LIGHT.
  • 9.Days before I die a famous sports figure will make headlines with an unprecedented scoring record.
  • 10.During the year that I will die there will be a famous prison escape.
  • 11.During the week in which I will die a famous treaty in Middle East will be signed.
  • 12.During the month in which I will die there will be a fatal disaster in the sky.
  • 13.If there is snow on Sulpicius Day (January 17) you know my end is near.

I wonder if Kreskin still feels that these are valid or if he wants to update them?  Perhaps I'll ask @Kreskin on Twitter.