IC-7200 -> IC-7300 Upgrade

I'm excited. I didn't expect this, but I jokingly said to my wife when I showed her a photo a friend posted on Facebook that September was "Buy Your Husband a Radio Month" and that she should buy me my dream radio. Imagine my surprise when she said "Go buy your dream radio, Honey!"

Well, that was quite unexpected! I realize that there might be many better radios out there than what I chose as my "Dream Radio", but I had to keep it realistic, so I opted for an IC-7300 by ICOM.  I currently own an IC-7200, which is a great radio, but the new IC-7300 is the latest technology and SDR based, so there's a lot of room for upgrading with (hopefully) new features as time goes by since it is software defined. Also, it was a reasonable price. ICOM calls it an "entry level" radio, but I think it's an order of magnitude better than what used to be considered an "entry level" radio.

The unexpected upgrade didn't come without strings, however.  I had to agree to recover as much as I could with the sale of the old radio. I thought that was reasonable, so I am prepping the old 7200 for resale. Glad I saved the box! 

As an added bonus (which will benefit me and the future owner of the IC-7200) there is no change in the accessory plug pin-out, so I won't have to re-make the accessory plug to mixer cable for this rig. I will also be able to offer the new owner a brand new set of power cables from the new radio's box along with the little bag of accessories (unless they contain different accessory items, then I will only replace what I used from the IC-7200's little bag of accessories.)

What I haven't decided yet is whether to sell locally through a Yahoo Group of local hams or through eBay. I might do the local group just to help someone locally get what they're looking for and save on shipping hassles.

Anyway, the new radio is delivered tomorrow. If I had only timed it a little better, I could've had the new radio for this long weekend (Labor Day weekend 2016) but instead, I get to write about my anticipation. I'm definitely  not complaining. I've been blessed with a wonderful XYL...


Kevin N5PRE