Migrated Amateur Radio Newsline Website Over the Weekend

On Friday, February 24, I realized that the website for Amateur Radio Newsline was about to expire. It's been hosted on Squarespace for the past few years but using their version 5 software, which had some limitations. My website has been on version 7 for awhile, so I was encouraging my fellow volunteers for the Newsline site to migrate while we had the chance. Well, we did it! It was made easier by the implementing the built-in import tool that Squarespace provided, but there was a lot of tweaking to get it back to contain every feature it had in Squarespace 5.  Namely, I had to select a different theme for the new site that had a sidebar option. That's not readily apparent when you look at the demo sites using various templates. With a little help from googling for the feature, I was able to find the right template. 
Lots of tweaking was required to get the font size and elements that we wanted to upgrade. We were able to add a page displaying a list of repeaters that regularly rebroadcast the Amateur Radio Newsline reports each week, for example. We also were able to provide a better experience when looking at the Staff pages.
With the additional updates we made, we discovered several people that are regular contributors to the site aren't currently represented on the Staff pages.  We're working on gathering their biographies and headshots right now so we can get them added.

New Static News.mp3 File Link for EchoProducer or Other Automated Download Scripts

One negative outcome from the migration was for those who use automated software to auto-download the weekly file for their repeater. That link changed and there was no way to keep it the same, unfortunately. I have been fielding questions from the amateur radio community since Saturday (when the switch occurred) on how to re-link to that weekly file.

The link is in the right-sidebar and is called WEEKLY ECHOPRODUCER FILE

The new permanent address is: http://arnewsline7.squarespace.com/s/news.mp3  This file will be updated weekly for each new report but the filename should stay the same. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hopefully you'll discover this post and be able to update your system with the change and prevent any problems when people at your repeater site play the report.

Hopefully we'll be able to provide more information and better service the amateur radio listeners out there with our steady improvements. Let me know if you have any ideas on additional elements to add or if you see something that needs to be updated on the site.

Be sure to check out the new site for Amateur Radio Newsline and subscribe to the podcast if you don't already.