New Project: Restoration of a Philco 84 Cathedral Radio

When my father-in-law was still here in Aiken, SC, once in awhile I’d join him on his weekly garage sale hunts for items that can be resold on eBay. We stumbled upon an old Philco Cathedral radio from 1935 last June. It’s been sitting there in my garage for the past year looking at me and crying to be restored. Well, once the XYL (wife) got it in her head to clean up the garage, I made a deal with her….

“If we do a good enough job on getting the garage organized, how would you feel about me restoring old radios on the workbench (that we also got from garage sales)?”

She agreed and supported that idea! Well, it was enough of a catalyst to inspire me to do a great job on organizing the garage. She was very happy with the results. Now I have the green light to start on this new project and after researching the radio and watching several YouTube videos by Backtothefutureradios about this particular radio… I’m excited by the challenge!

1935 Philco Model 84 Radio

Stay tuned and I’ll post my progress here and we’ll see if this radio is a good candidate for restoration and if I can handle the challenge. I have a lot to learn, but there’s a huge community out there that offers support on projects such as this.

73 de N5PRE