Further Adventures in Shaving

I just won an eBay auction today for a DE (Double Edged) safety razor that may be older than me!  It's a Gillette Super Speed vintage razor. Here's a few photos of the razor swiped from the auction: 

I also found a site that has a fabulous forum about the topic of shaving and signed up on it today as "Radiotube".  It's called The Shave Den. There are a multitude of shaving enthusiasts that are ready to help you figure out how to better enjoy what many men consider a curse... having to shave.  I admit that ever since switching to a DE razor about four years ago (a Parker 96R), I do enjoy shaving more... and saving tons of money by not having to buy 3,4 or 5 blade cartridges at the store that won't even last but a few shaves. Single blade double edge razors are the way to go for me.  I was ready to try another razor, though so I bid on a vintage razor and now anxiously await its delivery.  

My goal is to eventually find a Gillette Super Speed razor made the same quarter I was born: 4th quarter of 1959.

If you haven't made the switch to shaving this old-fashioned way... consider it. You'll never go back to those multi-blade cartridges again!